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Our product

The standard crate is in gray with red brackets. Can be provided with labels, such as barcodes, logo and/or name. We keep these crates in stock and can also be ordered in small(er) quantities, with a short delivery time, depending of course on our stock positions. We have more information about the specifications and customization. Would you like a crate, in your own color, directly with your inlay on the long side, read more about the possibilities here or contact us.

Gray crate

Our crate, available from stock with or without your labels or sea printing. The color is RAL 7040 with a red (RAL 3020) bracket. Content is 104 liters with an inner length of 1 meter and 38 cm width. (Standard plastic colors are the colors in which the supplier has the plastic granulate available without having to be processed first.).


default #989ea1

Price per quantity

More than 3000 items: 34,75
More than 1300 items: 34,75
More than 600 items: 37,75
More than 300 items: 39,75
More than 50 items: 42,75
Per piece: 45,75
Gray crate
Gray crate
Gray crate
Gray crate
Gray crate