The standard color of our crate is gray with a red bracket. These are available from 1 piece. From 3,000 pieces per delivery, you can also order your new crates in a standard plastic colour. Please note that repeat orders must also be in quantities of at least 3,000 pieces.

(Standard plastic colors are the colors in which the supplier has the plastic granulate available without having to pre-process it. The RAL colors below are an approximation of the color of the granulate).

RAL 7040
Window grey
RAL 3003
Ruby red
RAL 1023
Traffic yellow
RAL 6017
May green
RAL 5005
Signal blue
RAL 8017
RAL 9011
Graphite black
RAL 9016
Traffic white

Crate handle colour

The standard gray crates are supplied with brackets in a red colour, which ensure that the crates are stackable or nestable. Click on any of the pictures to see the movement of the brackets.


Two finishing options are available. Of course depending on the wish and the number.

Screen printing
Screen printing