Specifications - bloemenkrat

    The crate is made of polypropylene (PP).
    Products can be fixed using a banding machine.
    The empty crate weighs approx. 4 KG.
    The fillable capacity is 104 liters (of the total capacity of 110 litres).
    The crate is nestable and stackable.
    The load capacity of the crate has been tested up to 20 KG per crate.
    The stacking load of the crate has been tested up to 250 KG.
    The crate bottom has a good grip on conveyor belts.

A lifting cart is available for lifting stacks of filled crates. A stack of 11 filled crates fits in a truck with an interior height of 2,900 mm.

Download truckload file
Four stackable crates in extended stack
Crate side view

Outer measurements

    Length: 1.120 mm
    Breadth: 455 mm
    Height: 272 mm
    Height when stacked: 258 mm
    Packaging size: 15 mm
    Nested height: 75mm

Inner measurements

    Inner length at crate top: 1.090 mm
    Inner length at crate bottom: 1.000 mm
    Inner breadth at crate top: 420 mm
    Inner breadth at crate bottom: 385 mm