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Bloemenkrat arose from the need to be able to transport flowers in a sustainable way, from the nurseries to the florists and bouquets. We have strived for a crate in which the transport volume in freight cars is optimal. The volume together with the weight for the user (employee) can handle properly. Easily stackable and nestable for the return flow. We are proud of the results and believe it is in the interest of the entire logistics (especially of flowers) that the crate should be accessible to everyone. From this point of view, we are happy to offer the opportunity to use our crates for your logistics flows.


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“The crates are extremely solid, functional and manageable. Both our logistics employees and our customers (the florists) are very pleased with the BloomerBox. Due to the many orders we receive, we recently placed a new order for crates.”

• Bloomer

“After a week of delivering the ordered products to our customers in the new crates, two customers report that they like it so much that the crates are much lighter. I had not thought about this myself with the trial run / testing of the crate you think; packing / loading / unloading. We also noticed quickly enough that in the new crate, just as many products fit as in the old one, the advantage is that the new crate is smaller… so we have a big volume gain.”

• Sam van Klaveren (Musketier Bloemen B.V.)

“We have been using these crates for our system for one year. They excel in terms of functionality and reliability! Due to the low weight they are very manageable! Only about 3 of the 1200 crates wore out. It is very easy to reorder via, there are always enough in stock.”

• Oscar van Werkhoven (P.W. de Mooy Flowerexport)

“Our old crates weighed five and a half kilos and had a steel bracket. We switched because we wanted a lighter and quieter carrier for our transport to and from the customer. With the new crates from Bloemenkrat we have not only achieved these ergonomic principles, but we also need 9% less transport volume now to transport the same number of products!”

• Bram Heijl (W.K. Heyl jr. B.V.)


The crate is produced by BeKuPlast GmbH, one of Europe's leading producers of reusable plastic transport packaging. The group's headoffice is located in Ringe, Germany, close to the Dutch border. Find out more about our partner on their website: Bekuplast Logo